𓂃 and then she smiled, that what i was after✚ the smile in her eyes ✦ᴗ the sound of her laughter <3Ɛ‿ꝯϱ‿Ɜ

ϑϱ alexi alice limiko
𝄢 13/14 years old! >_< minor
═╪ she her or anylesbian/pansexual
𓎟𓎟 analog horrors, regretevator, yttd, fpe, daishikawa, lain fan!! >:3
✚ BYF know that i'm already taken, i am not very comfortable with flirting, i want that you respect my friends/people that i like, i am not poly amorous, so i won't accept other date requests.

ϑϱ bruna guizo luna
𝄢 __13 years old! :D minor
═╪ she he or catselflesbian/catgender
𓎟𓎟 daishikawa, euhipe, lacey, regretevator, homestuck fan! >.>
✚ BYF know that i HATE when people judge/say bad things about my girlfriend or my friends, when people flirt to me, i get very nervous talking to new people, and i also wont accept date requests.